At Rosewood Senior Living in Visalia, California, we’re committed to promoting independence, purpose and dignity. We do this by fostering a homelike environment in which our residents are treated like family.

We understand that transitioning a loved one to assisted living is challenging, so we do everything possible to make the process easier for you.

Choosing A Senior Care Option

While the national average of people moving into senior living is increasing, the transition hasn’t gotten any easier. Most family members report having conflicting emotions, not knowing whether they’ve made the right choice.

The first step is to know the senior living options available so you can pick the best option for your loved one’s needs. There are several senior housing options available, including:

  • Retirement communities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Memory care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living

Someone who has minimal health needs but is interested in a community environment with other seniors might consider a retirement community. These typically offer independent living quarters and several on-site amenities, such as swimming pools and fitness centers.

Those who require health care will need a specialized community. Someone who has just been released from the hospital may need to consider a rehab center that will cater to health restoration. Residents suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia will need a memory care home.

For seniors who don’t need specialized health services but still require some level of care, the best option is a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Nursing homes typically offer higher levels of care, whereas assisted living communities are designed for people who are mostly self-sufficient but still need assistance with some daily activities.

Rosewood Senior Living Community

Senior adult is playing puzzle at a senior living california community

Once you’ve decided on the type of senior care facility, the next step is finding the right community. If you’re near the Visalia area and searching for assisted living homes with affordable pricing, then Rosewood Senior Living has you covered. We go the extra mile to keep our residents happy and healthy, offering an optimal location, great care and several amenities.


One of the benefits of a Visalia assisted living home is the location. Situated on Race Avenue in Tulare County, Rosewood is just a 40-minute drive from Fresno and offers several parks in the surrounding area, including Millcreek Park and Trail.


Families shouldn’t have to go bankrupt to obtain quality care for their loved ones. That’s why we offer caregiving at a reasonable price.

Residents in our assisted living communities have access to round-the-clock care, including health services like ambulatory assistance, medication management and daily living assistance. Our high staff-to-resident ratio helps the staff connect with residents personally, tailoring care to meet each individual’s needs.


Assisted living is more than just health care . At Rosewood, we cover all facets of wellness, from physical and mental to social and spiritual. That’s why we offer small group activities, which include fitness, arts and general wellness programs. Along with activities, residents enjoy three delicious meals a day, as well as spacious shared and single rooms that can be seen in our floor plans. Weekly housekeeping and linen services are provided.

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