Senior adult talking to a medical staff - cost of assisted livingIf your aging loved one is struggling to care for themselves independently, it may be time to consider other senior living arrangements. The type of senior care you and your loved one choose depends mostly on the level of care they need. If they’re able to live independently with some assistance, home care is a wonderful option; however, seniors who need supervision and assistance around the clock should consider residential assisted living care, where trained caregivers are available 24 hours a day to help with activities of daily living. Of course, it’s important to consider the cost of assisted living before committing to moving your loved one into such a facility. 

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in California? 

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey publishes annual average senior care costs for cities throughout the U.S. In the Visalia area, which includes nearby cities such as Hanford, Lemoore, Corcoran and Selma, the average cost of assisted living was $4,548 per month in 2020.  This is relatively low when compared with California’s state average, which was $5,000 per month. 

Senior Care Cost Comparison

When you’re ready to find professional care for your loved one, you’re probably asking yourself, “How much does it cost for assisted living (per month)?” It’s important to also consider the average costs of other types of care to make sure you’re choosing the best all-around option for the senior in your life. To help with this, we’ve provided monthly average 2020 California senior care costs below:

  • Home care: $5,529
  • Adult day care: $1,733
  • Assisted living: $5,000
  • Nursing care: $9,247 to $11,437 

What Does the Cost of Assisted Living Include? 

Retired Couple Sitting On Bench And Talking In Assisted Living FacilityAt Rosewood Senior Living, our monthly costs include 24-hour care and medication management. Our team of experienced, compassionate caregivers can help ambulatory and non-ambulatory seniors, including those who are living with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. 

At our assisted living facility, residents are offered help with daily tasks 24 hours a day. This includes grooming, dressing and bathing, as well as other important tasks that may require assistance. Those who live here enjoy a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. That includes nutritious meals and snacks served throughout the day and holistic care activities such as yoga and music therapy. Additionally, the seniors who live in our facilities are provided with endless opportunities to socialize with peers, and friends and family can come to visit any time. 

All these benefits are included with the cost of assisted living at Rosewood Senior Living. Seniors who are living with dementia or mild cognitive impairment may also wish to consider our memory care program, which is provided by caregivers who are specially trained in dementia care.

Other Types of Senior Care

Depending on the condition and cognitive abilities of your loved one, you might want to consider other senior living arrangements before committing to an assisted living facility. Below, we’ve listed other options along with their average cost in California and the services they typically provide. 

Home Care

Average Cost: $5,529 per month

There are two primary options for senior home care. That includes home health care, which is typically provided by a registered nurse and includes services such as medication administration and wound care, and homemaker services, which is designed to meet the needs of seniors who don’t require medical services but do need some extra help at home. 

Regardless of the type of home care you choose for your loved one, a qualified attendant or nurse will visit their home regularly to provide help with activities of daily living and basic housekeeping. Those who are receiving home health care will undergo regular health assessments and have any medications administered to them by a caregiver. Other services often provided in a home care setting include nonmedical transportation and meal preparation. While most home care arrangements include 40 hours of care per week, options are available for both part-time care and live-in care.

Smiling senior woman in front of her laptopAdult Day Care

Average Cost: $1,733 per month

Adult day care is a service that’s provided outside of the home in a community setting. It typically encompasses approximately eight hours of care per day during which seniors are provided with meals and snacks, as well as professional supervision and opportunities to engage in activities with peers. Adult day care is best for seniors who live with family members who can oversee their care outside of day care hours. 

Nursing Care

Average Cost: $9,247 per month for a semi-private room; $11,437 for a private room

Nursing care facilities provide 24-hour medical supervision for seniors who are no longer able to care for themselves. Like assisted living, nursing care is provided in a residential setting; however, this level of care is typically reserved for seniors who can’t thrive under the care of an assisted living facility due to advanced medical conditions or severe cognitive impairment. 

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

Although the cost of assisted living can seem high, it’s important to consider the services provided. When compared with typical monthly household expenses, including utilities, groceries and home maintenance, the cost of assisted living is often comparable. That being said, there are several options available to seniors who are unable to pay for their care out-of-pocket.

  • Medicare: Medicare insurance plans may cover some of the services provided in an assisted living facility, particularly those related to the health of residents. 
  • Medi-Cal: Seniors who receive Medi-Cal (Medicaid) are often eligible for programs that cover care costs in assisted living facilities. 
  • Long-term care insurance: Those who’ve previously paid into long-term care insurance plans may be eligible to obtain reimbursement for assisted living costs. 
  • Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit: Seniors who’ve served in a branch of the U.S. military may qualify for the Veterans’ Aid and Attendance Benefit, which covers living costs for those who are unable to safely live independently. 

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