As our elderly population continues to grow, more and more people are browsing through senior care options to find one that best meets the needs of their family members. Ultimately, you want a care home where your loved one feels safe, comfortable and, most importantly, happy.

At Rosewood Senior Living, an assisted living home near Fowler, California, we foster an encouraging environment that promotes independence, purpose and dignity. Through our prime location, personalized care and on-site amenities, we can cater to the unique physical, mental and social needs of every resident.

Rosewood: Assisted Living Near Fowler, CA

Before selecting a senior care home, it’s important to understand the different living options available. Types of senior communities include:

Continuing Care Communities: These communities are designed for seniors with multiple types of care needs. While some seniors enjoy independent living, others receive health care and general assistance.

Home Health: As the name suggests, home health involves care that’s provided in the comfort of the person’s home.

Assisted Living: Assisted living is for residents who require help with general living activities, such as bathing and grooming, medication management and ambulatory care.

Memory Care Homes: Memory care homes are facilities that specially cater to those with cognitive impairments.

Nursing Care: Like assisted living communities, nursing homes provide as-needed assistance with health problems. However, they typically care for residents with more intense care needs.

As an assisted living facility, our services are designed for residents who are largely self-sufficient but may require some assistance with daily living activities. We also provide memory care services for residents contending with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Once you’ve determined the right type of residential care facility for your loved one, the next step is choosing a home where you feel they’ll be well cared for. At Rosewood Senior Living, we treat each individual resident like a member of our family. Our devotion to caregiving makes us one of the best assisted living facilities near Fowler, CA. Here are some of the amenities we offer.

Group of senior adults meditating at an assisted living with memory care facility

Memory Care Services and Quality Caregiving

Our caregivers are dedicated to getting to know each one of our residents personally, which is why we maintain a low staff-to-resident ratio. Our mission is to forge close relationships with residents and get to know them beyond their physical needs.

When it comes to caregiving, our team is prepared to address a variety of needs, from medication administration and meal monitoring to dressing, bathing and grooming assistance. We also maintain a team of specialists to work with residents who have cognitive impairments. We’re available 24/7 and equip residents with call systems so we can be quickly reached in emergency situations. If you require an external health care provider, such as a dentist, a podiatrist or medical personnel, our team is happy to schedule appointments and provide transportation.

A Beautiful Location

Rosewood Senior Living is located in sunny Visalia, California, just a short distance from the picturesque city of Fowler. Surrounded by expansive farmland and rich grapevines, residents can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a country-style life. Residents also maintain easy access to an expanse of popular Cali regions, such as Clovis, Kingsburg and Reedley.

In addition to country serenity, residents can take advantage of city amenities thanks to our proximity to the city of Fresno. The combination of country and city life lets residents enjoy the best of both worlds.

Engaging Activities

Our senior care home is devoted to holistic wellness, which means addressing social needs along with physical and cognitive ones. We achieve this by offering a busy activities schedule that covers a range of topics, from fitness to the arts. Residents can stay in shape through morning exercise classes, try their hand at art through a painting class or expand their knowledge by participating in a learning program.

In addition to on-site activities, we offer community day trips to give residents a chance to explore the surrounding neighborhoods. They can take in the beauty of the local areas and experience the lifestyle in cities like Fresno and Fowler.

Senior adults watching TV in one of the assisted living facilities in California

More Amenities

When residents aren’t participating in a new activity or away on a community outing, they can take advantage of some of our on-site amenities, such as the common lounges or the dining room. Our team employs a registered dietitian who can create delicious, homemade meals using only organic ingredients. We personalize our meals to meet their needs, accommodating allergies and dietary requirements.

When they crave independence, residents can retire to their apartments. Whether you prefer privacy or sharing your space with friends, we have you covered with both shared and private apartment options. Each of our apartments comes with paid utilities and housekeeping and linen services.

Residents are welcome to invite their families over to their apartments or to our facility for a cup of coffee and a stroll through the gardens. Our family and support services are designed to help you keep in touch with your loved ones.

Kitchen and dining area of Rosewood assisted living facility near Fowler, CA

Cost of Assisted Living

One of the biggest challenges to finding a senior care facility is pricing. Unfortunately, due to the high costs associated with senior living, many people can’t afford to place their loved ones in the homes they deserve. At Rosewood Senior Living, we believe that no senior should be denied quality care because of cost. That’s why we accommodate people who require Medicaid or State Funding Assistance. Our home is open to anyone who wishes to join our family.

Visit Us Today

Every senior deserves a high quality of life during their golden years. Through our personalized health services, diverse activities list and beautiful facility, we create a comfortable, caring environment that makes our home feel like a family. We’re always happy to welcome new residents. Learn more about our assisted living facility near Fowler, CA, by visiting us, calling us at 559-372-8847 or contacting us online.