Assisted Living in Visalia, California

Home to seniors and retired residents who place a high value on their independence, friendships, healthy lifestyle, and care.

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Active, Engaged, and Purposeful Living

As our population continues to grow, the national average of 65+ adults is on an upward trend. This means more and more people are relying on the benefits of assisted living homes and senior care facilities. But how do you pick the right place for your loved one?

When examining your living options, it’s important to choose a place where your family member will be both healthy and happy.

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At Rosewood Senior Living in Visalia, California, we work hard to provide residents with a holistic experience, offering extensive activities and personalized care to cover all facets of wellness.

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Our mission is to create a homelike environment that promotes independence, purpose and dignity by creating a family-like bond between our residents and caregivers.

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Personalized Care

At Rosewood Senior Living, we know every resident has different needs when it comes to health care. That’s why we take an individualized approach to caregiving. In the past, it could be difficult to find senior housing that provided quality care, with many families having to either break the bank to afford a decent home or provide the care themselves. Our home aims to solve this problem.

Residents in both our independent living and assisted living communities enjoy access to compassionate, trained caregivers who are available 24/7 for assistance with activities of daily living, which includes dressing, bathing and medication management. We also maintain a high staff-to-resident ratio that enables each caregiver to get to know residents personally.

All of this is offered at an affordable pricing point, combating the expensive costs of most large assisted living facilities.

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“At our home, the care comes first.”


At Rosewood, we know senior living doesn’t mean the glory days have to be over. That’s why we offer a range of activities, from exercise to entertainment, that keep residents active and engaged. In addition to planned group activities, residents enjoy three delicious and nutritious meals a day. Our activities and shared dining give residents the opportunity to socialize with one another, contributing to the family-like atmosphere we strive to create.

We also offer housing options that come with all utilities. Our floor plans include spacious shared and single rooms, and weekly housekeeping and linen services are provided.

At Rosewood Senior Living, we’re happy to offer our caregiving services and amenities to those who need State Funding Assistance (Medicaid). We open our doors to anyone who wants to become part of our Visalia family.

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A Prime Location

Residents can enjoy all of the perks of a Visalia assisted living home, which includes the wonderful location. Located on Walnut Avenue in Tulare County, residents enjoy year-round warm weather and the naturalistic atmosphere of the surrounding area. Residents can take in the serenity of sights such as Park Visalia, Magnolia Park and Quail Park while still having access to the convenience of shops and restaurants.

We’re ready to prove to you why we’re one of the leading senior care homes in the Visalia, California, area. To learn more about our prestige assisted living, request a brochure or schedule a visit at our home. We’re located at 3638 East Race Avenue, Visalia, CA 93292.

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We’re ready to welcome you to the family.

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